Flags help you better organize your blacklist monitors. For example, you can flag an IP address which needs special attention. To view only flagged monitors, click the red flag near the group filter.

Only Flagged Filter

When the “Only Flagged” filter is enabled, the flag in the heading of the monitors table turns red. To deactivate “Only Flagged” mode, click the red flag near the group filter again.

Only Flagged Mode

Depending on your profile settings, manually set flags may remain permanently or cleared after a month.

Automatically added flags

You can also automatically flag monitors that match your criteria. If you have a lot of IP addresses, automatically set flags allow you quickly highlight problem IPs not be distracted by the rest. Settings for automatic flags are active by default.

Flags Settings

Use case

In this example, the number of IP addresses to pay attention to is significantly reduced due to automatically added flags. 41,472 IP addresses submitted to Debouncer, lots of them are listed in minor lists, but only 189 are flagged. IP address is not even blacklisted at the moment, but still automatically flagged according to settings.

FlagIn Action

We can view history and find that it was delisted from severe blacklist 2 weeks ago.

Blacklist Monitor History

IP addresses and IP ranges replaced with fictional ones.